If your question is about commercial use, please include the name of the corporation/organization and the purpose of use.

    For inquiries in cases of malfunction etc., please enter the information referring to the example of entry below. The fields where the information are unknown may be left blank. The fields of questions not relevant to malfunction may also be left blank. Thank you for your time.

    Example of entry
    [Date of Occurrence] December 9, 2021
    [Spec information on the PC you are using]
     ①CPU:Intel Core i3 8100 / Ryzen 5 2400g
     ②GPU:Intel UHD Graphics 630 or Intel Iris Xe / RX Vega 11 / GTX750
    [OS] Win10 pro
    [Version of NICE CAMERA] 2.0.3
    [Meeting tool I use] ZOOM
    [Is the meeting tool up-to-date?】Latest version,7/25 update
    [Symptom] NICE CAMERA does not appear in ZOOM's camera selection.
    [In what case】When using ZOOM
    [Frequency of occurrence] Every time
    [Error message] displayed when installing.
    [Does this happen with remote tools other than Zoom?] It doesn't show up on Google Meet either.
    [Location where NICE CAMERA is stored] c:¥

    *How to look up PC spec information ◆Win7/Win10(https://flets-w.com/chienetta/pc_mobile/cb_pc-operate75.html)

    <Input column> *Please fill in the form above.

    [Date of Occurrence] month/date/year
    [Spec information on the PC you are using]
     ③Memory: GB
     *Screen captures are also acceptable.
    [Version of NICE CAMERA]
    [Meeting tool I use]
    [Is the meeting tool up-to-date?】
    [In what case】
    [Frequency of occurrence]
    [Error message]
    [Does this happen with remote tools other than Zoom?]
    [Location where NICE CAMERA is stored]

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